Albuquerque Wedding Valet Parking

Going through a list that you printed off on the internet that spells out vendors to hire for your wedding, you come to a vendor that gives you pause. Is hiring a professional valet service necessary? We believe it is. A professional valet service will set the tone for your entire day. Talk about treating each and everyone of your guests special. There is nothing like the feeling of pulling up to a venue only to be greeted by a smiling face, having your door opened, and then being ushered into the venue. Your care will be well taken care of as well. This kind of treatment is what we call elegance and luxury at its best. Everyone needs some pampering from time to time and we know you really appreciate all of your wonderful guests and this is just a great way to say thank you. Now that you have decided on the royal treatment, you need to take your time and make sure that the valet company that you hire is not only reputable, but professional in everyway. In order to make sure that happens, keep this guide with you at all times because it will help you not only locate some quality candidates, but also narrow your search down to the valet service that you and your guests so richly deserve.

So, before you can do anything, you need to find a few valet parking companies in the Albuquerque area that are worthy of considering to service your wedding. Start looking at the world wide web. It is an amazing place to begin your investigation. Do a Google search for “valet parking companies in the Albuquerque area.” Looking over the website links that you get back and start looking over the information on each site. If any of the companies that you read about strike you as reputable and of high quality, write down their name and contact information. In addition, there are some people that you really need to tap into and many of them you know quite well. You never know, but some of your family, friends and coworkers may have hired or experienced a professional valet service at some point. If so, talk about their experience and whether everything went very smoothly. And don't forget about your wedding vendors that you have already hired. Believe us when we tell you that wedding vendors, at least the really good ones, are usually tapped into who does what in the wedding industry. So, it would not surprise us if they had a recommendation for you.

Once you have a nice list of potential candidates, it will be time to setup some interviews. Sit down with each candidate on your list and have a frank discussion about your wedding and their business. Also, be prepared with some pertinent questions which will help you in making your final decision as to who to hire. Find out if they are licensed and insured. If you hear anything but yes right away, get up and start walking away. Make sure that they know how many guests will be attending your wedding. How many attendants will they provide should you hire them? Do you feel this is enough? It is a very good idea to find out how much it would cost to have an additional valet or two just in case. Take pictures of the parking area and bring it with you to each interview. Ask if they feel there is enough room for the number of cars that you will be having. Do they feel they will be able to setup the drop off area fairly close to the entrance of your venue based on the setup? What if there is inclement weather on the day of your wedding? For instance, if it rains, will the attendants have umbrellas. We know your guests would certainly appreciated it. When you find that one company that you really feel confident about, ask them for a contract. Make sure everything looks kosher and get anything corrected that looks like it needs it. Once this is done, it will be time to sign on the dotted line and get ready to be treated like royalty.