Albuquerque Wedding Calligraphy

Alright, finish this sentence. Weddings are all about the _______. If you said details, you were right on the mark. And the details begin at the beginning. Which means that you need to consider hiring a professional calligrapher for your wedding invitations. Let's face it, your invitations are the first inkling that most of your invited guests will be aware of your wedding plans. And why not make them something very special. Your invitation will set the tone for what is coming up. And think about how special your guests will feel when they reach into their mailbox and pull out this beautifully hand written envelope. This special art form will exude an elegance that fills everyone with an air of anticipation. Another issue related to this is time. Everyone is super busy these days and do you really have the time to make out invitation after invitation. Why not leave this chore and task up to a true professional. They will understand the etiquette of addressing your envelopes and you will be free to move onto other wedding plans. The Albuquerque area has some amazing calligraphers for you to check out. Just keep this guide handy and it will lead you to the calligrapher that you will be more than satisfied with.

We realize that you have probably never had to search for a professional calligrapher before. You need to begin your quest by searching for some high quality candidates. A great source of information is the world wide web. Do a Google search for “calligraphers in the Albuquerque area.” You will probably get back more candidates than you want to check out but try to get through as many as you possibly can. Check out their online portfolio of work and determine which ones you like the best. Jot down the names of the candidates that catch your fancy. Don't forget about your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with.. Call each one up and see if they know of any calligraphers that they could recommend. Another source that many people totally neglect is their family, friends and coworkers. Start asking the people closest to you about whether they have ever hired a calligrapher or seem calligraphy that was amazing. Track down the names and contact information of these vendors. Call each calligrapher on your list and ask for a date and time that you could sit down and interview them.

Talk about how long it will take to for your order to be completed. How early are you ordering? Will they have plenty of time? How long have they been doing calligraphy professionally? Are they a member of any associations? Are they certified? One thing you will need to talk to each candidate about is mistakes. They do happen and most calligraphers ask for extra invitations and envelopes because of this. Find out how many extra envelopes they require. Do you like any of the cursive styles that they show you? Can you imagine any of them on your invitation? What is their fee for service rendered? When one particular candidate emerges as the perfect choice for you and your wedding needs, ask for a written contract which should detail everything that you will be getting and what you will be paying. Make sure all of the details look right and if you need to get anything corrected, now is the time.