Albuquerque Wedding Bartenders

Amongst the vendors that you need to search for and hire to pull off your wedding, there are a few tricky ones. One of these hires is your mobile bartender. Now, you may take it for granted that your catering company or your reception venue will be automatically providing a bartender for your reception. Assuming this would be a huge mistake. You need to be prepared to conduct a search for a professional mobile bartender because quite often, one will not be provided. And taking this kind of hire for granted could doom your reception to failure. The right bartender can be much more important to your guest's satisfaction than you might realize. Remember this, a good bartender can make drinks and hand them to your guests. But an excellent bartender can provide much more, they can have your guests smiling and laughing all night long. There are many attributes that you want to look for in a professional bartender, but we realize that you have probably never had to make this kind of hire before and you probably aren't aware of what they are. The Albuquerque area has some phenomenal candidates for you to evaluate, you just need to find them. To help you with your mission, we have put together a guide that should help you with reaching your goal.

Obviously, before you can hire anyone for this wedding task, you need to have some vendors to actually evaluate. The best way to find potential vendors is to tap into the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “mobile bartenders in the Albuquerque area.” Check out some of the websites that you see as a result of your search. Start keeping a record of any candidates that you believe is worthy of further consideration. If they are available for your wedding date, setup an interview. Now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty so have your interview questions ready.

The first thing that you want to discuss is their experience. Have they worked a number of weddings? We want to make sure they have. A newbie is not what you need. Where did they receive their training? What do they enjoy about being a bartender? What drinks can they make? Put them to the test. Search review sites for their name. Do they come off as a true professional? Do you like their personality? A great personality is a huge part of being an exceptional bartender. Make sure they carry general liability insurance. This is something that you must be sure of. Have they had responsible vendor training? This equips a vendor with the knowledge of how to prevent possible bad situations from happening to your guests. What time do they usually arrive at a gig? We suggest that they be at your reception at least an hour before the festivities begin. What will they need from you and what will they provide? Make sure you have a clear understanding of what specific drinks they will mix for you and your guests. Will they also have some non-alcoholic choices? How much will their services cost you? Make sure that however you set things up in terms of payment, that gratuity figures in because that will keep any bartender that you hire on their toes. Once you have finished interviewing all of your candidates, go home and do a side by side comparison. At that point, it should be clear who to choose. Chicago Limousines has more great advice if you're planning a destination wedding in the windy city.